Who killed the Swedish Prime Minister?

Who killed the Swedish Prime Minister?

More than thirty years ago, Swedish Prime Minister Olf Palme and his wife went out on Friday night to attend a movie, but he never returned.

Baleh was a controversial and outspoken person, during his second term in office, in Sweden and abroad. Yet he insisted on living as normal a life as possible. It appears that on that night he asked his protection officials, as is often the case, to leave.

Shortly before midnight, on their way home on foot, the Prime Minister was shot in the back at close range, and he fell to the ground. Another shot at his wife, to be licked.

The murderer was never found, although the assassination took place in Sweden's busiest street, and the crime was seen by more than 12 people, who described the killer as a tall man, who fled the scene after being shot.

Now, more than 34 years after the accident, the Swedish Prosecutor's Office announced that it will present the results of its criminal investigation at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Who killed the Swedish Prime Minister?

"I hope to explain how this crime occurred and who is responsible for it," chief prosecutor Christer Peterson told Swedish public television in February.

It is not known whether anyone will be charged, or a new suspect will be named. But there is hope that the police have finally come close to solving the mystery of a murder that has dominated the country for decades, and has been theorized by countless conspiracy theories.

Who is familiar with him?
Olof Palme (born 1927) hails from an aristocratic family. He joined the Social Democratic Party in 1949 and rose to lead the party and the country in 1969, succeeding Tej Erlander who had adopted his mind since joining the party ranks.
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