How does Facebook know your Google search history?

How does Facebook know your Google search history

Companies need to know some information about you first in order to give you the right ads, as there are four types of data that can help give you a comprehensive view of your favorite things and can show ads that suit your taste. Let's say you searched for cat food on Google, you'll see several sites that offer many types of foods with different flavors with a price for each type, as well as a full range of foods for each type of cat that exists, but the strange thing is that when you open Facebook, you'll be surprised that your Facebook menu is filled with cat food ads!

These ads may appear immediately or within days, but they must appear, so how does that happen? Is Facebook spying on me? Somehow yes, welcome to the world of internet advertising.

Data collection:

First, companies need some information about you to give you appropriate ads.

There are four basic types of data that may help give an overview of your favorite things, to show you appropriate ads, the first type is the click path data.

How does Facebook know your Google search history?

Click path data refers to the web page history you've visited, which collects a small text file known as a track record or cookie, a text file that the website sends to your computer so that it can track your movements within the site.

The second type of data is the search data. A 2011 Pew Internet poll showed that nearly 92% of adults used search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and their owners saw ads as a lucrative way, given the amount of big data collected on a large scale.

Search engines can analyze search results and terminology, so they can show targeted ads, so companies pay search engines for certain words to top a higher place in search results, for example, large companies will appear first, and sleeping bags will appear as ads in the margins of web pages later.

The last two types of data are purchase and profile data. Large companies such as Amazon use purchase data, usually recommending new purchases like yours, as online markets use cookies to track customer's purchasing movement and even what they have put in the shopping cart and later abandoned them, to allocate the user their own shopping experience, and profile data collects data when creating a new social media profile such as Facebook.

As a user, you often provide important data about you, such as your favorite age and movies, and a large number of data that provides companies with accurate information about you, that reflects your taste and interests.
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