Men's Pregnancy: Is It Possible?

Men's Pregnancy: Is It Possible?

Researchers recently revealed that the possibility of getting pregnant men shortly is possible, thanks to scientific developments in the field of surrogacy. After a marked increase in the success rates of experimental uterine transplants in many women, scientists have begun preparing for similar operations that may be performed to implant a full uterus into a man's body.

To date, doctors have performed several successful operations, through which a full uterus has been implanted in the bodies of women born without wombs, which is supposed to enable women to carry embryos and have children.

After it was like a science fiction film, dr Paulson, president of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, made statements at a recent conference in the United States of America, suggested that it was too close to being verified, and no longer just a dream or a myth.arm by saying, 'It's going to be very painful, we're going to have two very, very painful weeks.'

"While it may involve additional challenges, I don't see a clear problem that could prevent it at all, so I think it's possible," Dr. Paulson said.

The doctor followed that a uterus transplant into a man's body may be possible very soon, but:

This operation is huge and requires crew and equipment that are only present in hospitals and private centers.

This will mean that a man has to give birth by cesarean section because his pelvis is too small and the fetus will not be able to pass through it.

Doctors may need to provide a man's body with certain hormonal doses to simulate hormonal changes in a pregnant woman.

The uterus taken for transplantation, either through a living donor or from the body of a clinically dead patient, is provided in a surgical procedure that usually lasts approximately 10 hours.

It is worth noting that hysterectomy is still mostly experimental, and a successful trial of a woman who was able to have a baby from a transplanted uterus was recorded in 2014 at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.
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