French League announces: August 23 to launch "new season"

French League announces August 23 to launch new season

Friday, August 23, the French Football Association has set the date for which it hopes to start the 2020-2021 season after completing the current season suspended due to the new Coronavirus, according to local sources and local press reports.

In light of the lack of clarity about the fate of the current season, and when it can be resumed according to the developments of the "COVID-19" epidemic, which froze sporting activities around the world, the League League started thinking about the scenarios for the next season.

In a meeting, Friday, the league set the date of August 23 as the initial date for the launch of the first-class league wheel "League 1", a day after the start of the 2020-2021 season for the second division "League 2", according to identical sources close to the file told AFP And L'Equipe.

A source said that setting the date "allows for guaranteeing the next season," in which the new period of television broadcasting rights (2020-2024), whose revenues are expected to cross the threshold of one billion euros for the first time, is expected to begin.

The source pointed out that even if the current season (after the resumption of its activities) extended to early August, the deadline for the start of the next season leaves "3 weeks of rest" for the difference between the two seasons.

The mystery prevails over the resumption of matches in Europe or elsewhere because the majority of tournaments are currently pending until further notice, as are the two European club clubs for the game (Champions League and "Europa League").

Uefa president Aleksandar Cifferin has already confirmed that the Federation is putting different possibilities for the rest of the season, but warned that it will be completely lost unless it is possible to resume it by the end of June.
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