COVID-19 casualties number close to one million and infant deaths in the United States

COVID-19 casualties number close to one million and infant deaths in the United States

The number of new HIV infections in the world is approaching one million, with the epidemic spreading "rapidly", claiming lives, including a sixth-week infant, who became the youngest of the 46,000 victims who died of the disease.

And recorded more than 900 thousand cases of COVID-19 in the world, including 215 thousand in the United States, where the disease is spreading rapidly. And in the absence of sufficient capabilities to detect injuries, these numbers are probably less than the reality.

Despite isolation measures, which include one in every two of the world's population, the number of injuries and deaths is increasing. The number of deaths in Italy has reached more than 13 thousand people, in Spain nine thousand, in the United States five thousand and in France four thousand.

The death of a newborn baby in Connecticut caused a shock, after the death of a nine-month-old baby in Chicago and a 13-year-old boy in Britain. State Governor Ned Lamont said it was "sad".

In his online press conference, head of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Gebresus, expressed his "deep concern" over the "accelerating growth" of the number of cases. "We must unite to combat this unknown and dangerous virus," he said.

As for US President Donald Trump, he called on countries to act. The White House presented its estimates, explaining that COVID-19 might kill between 100,000 and 240,000 people in the United States, which is likely to become the center of the disease after Europe.

In Europe, the largest number of deaths was recorded in Spain with the announcement of 864 more deaths in the last 24 hours. This country fears that the number of injured may exceed the capabilities of the intensive care units that are currently operating at full capacity.

"There is not a sufficient number of protective equipment (...) and the number of beds remains insufficient," said the nurse in Madrid Guillen del Barrio, noting at the same time a slowdown in the number of arrivals to the ambulance department at the hospital where he works.

The Spanish authorities confirmed this trend. "It looks like we are" at the height of the infection, said Fernando Simon, director of the Emergency Health Center.

In Italy, where hospitals have many problems, the number of new infections continues to slow. But doctors are worried about those who recover and leave the hospital as convalescence begins even though they can transmit the infection.

"In a war like this, we cannot allow ourselves to expose ourselves to the emergence of new hotbeds of infection that can transform convalescence centers into + viral bombs + that spread the virus," said Rafaeli Antonelli Encalsi, president of the Italian Association of Geriatric Medicine.

In France, where the situation is exceeding the capacity of Paris and East hospitals, patients continue to be transported by trains as capital centers prepare to produce equipment that lacks 3D printing technology. A census allowed veterinarians to determine who could help their fellow doctors, for example, sort the patients.

To stop the spread of the epidemic, more than 3.75 billion people (48 percent of the world's population) have been called or forced to stay in their homes.

The measure is being applied with difficulty in poorer areas such as the vast shantytown of Khayelitsha, on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa, where hundreds of thousands of people live in fragile, overlapping homes.

"We have no toilets and no water, so we are forced out of our homes," said Ndetini Teheidou. We are trying to stay in our huts, but it is not easy. ” "The people there want to comply (with the orders) and try to do it, but it is impossible," he added.

In the absence of vaccines and disease treatment, isolation is the most effective way to combat the spread of the disease. This measure was imposed on Wednesday by the states of Florida, Eritrea, and Sierra Leone, while Germany, Italy, and Portugal announced its extension.

In Moscow, the authorities will establish a mobile application and encrypted numbers to ensure that residents respect the rules of isolation and to monitor patients.

Recorded in Britain, where the authorities were late in imposing measures to isolate 563 additional deaths in one day, which indicates a clear acceleration in the spread of the epidemic that has claimed the lives of two thousand people so far in the country. The 19th prime minister, Boris Johnson, and Crown Prince Charles were infected with COVID.

In Iran, the number of deaths exceeded three thousand people.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the number of infections rose to twenty thousand, double the number recorded five days ago.

But it is the United States, where 85 percent of Americans go home, which is preparing for the high number of casualties.

New York State is ramping up with more than 1,900 deaths, its preparations days ago, by building a field hospital in Central Park and at a major convention center in Manhattan. Aid is pouring in from all sides, including from Russia, which has sent a plane loaded with humanitarian aid to the big city.

Even the US military is affected by the epidemic. COVID-19 has deployed to the nuclear aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt docking in Guam in the Pacific and has begun evacuating its crew.

Two other ships, Zaandam, for leisure trips and Rotterdam, accompanying it, continue to sail with four deaths on board. US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that US authorities would evacuate stranded passengers aboard the two ships when they docked in Florida.
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