After the Corona epidemic ends, "a sworn enemy" threatens half a billion people

After the Corona epidemic ends, a sworn enemy threatens half a billion people

Oxfam warned, on Wednesday, that an additional half a billion people in the world could be below the poverty line due to the repercussions of the COVID-19 epidemic if plans to support the poorest countries are not speeded up.

In a report entitled "The Price of Dignity", the international NGO indicated that between 6 and 8 percent of the world's population may catch up with those who currently live below the poverty line after governments have stopped entire economic cycles to contain the spread of the virus.

And the report warned that "this matter can fight poverty globally 10 years back, or even 30 years in certain regions like Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa."

He added that more than half of the world's 7.8 billion people are at risk of falling below the poverty line when this pandemic is over.

Oxfam's warning comes ahead of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and G20 finance ministers scheduled for April, all of which will be held via video.

Because there are no social protection systems in it, the poorest countries and disadvantaged groups, including women, will be the most affected by the consequences.

Oxfam recommended that direct financial aid be given to those most affected, to give priority to providing support to small businesses and to link aid for larger companies with measures in the interest of vulnerable groups.

The organization called for exempting the poorest countries from paying their debts on maturity this year and gave an example of this, Ghana, which can "provide for 6 months 20 dollars a month to each of the country's 16 million children, and to the disabled and the elderly" if it is exempted from payment Their debts are due.

Oxfam also recommended increasing the special drawing rights of the International Monetary Fund by at least one thousand billion dollars to enable this financial body to help the poorest countries, increase development assistance from donor countries immediately and establish an emergency tax system for solidarity by imposing tax fees on huge profits and great wealth. Profit, speculative and environmentally friendly activities.

"France can decide without delay exempting developing countries from paying their debts to them in 2020 to help them immediately respond to the crisis," says Robin Gitar, an Oxfam campaign official in France.
After the Corona epidemic ends, "a sworn enemy" threatens half a billion people After the Corona epidemic ends, "a sworn enemy" threatens half a billion people Reviewed by Mrr News on 4/12/2020 Rating: 5
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