First Corona patient recovers in NBA

Nba rival S.A. Utah Jazz have announced the recovery of NBA stars Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell after they were infected with the recently emerging Coronavirus.

On its official website, Jazz said health authorities have made it clear that all players and club staff, including Gobert and Mitchell, pose no risk of infecting others.

Gobert was the first player in the tournament to be infected with the Coronavirus, which led to a season stoppage on March 11th, while all Jazz players were exposed and Mitchell was confirmed to be infected with the virus.

The Detroit Pistons have already announced that Christian Wood is about to recover from the virus, but he is still in self-isolation.

Pistons coach Dwayne Casey told the Detroit Free Press that Wood is 'healthy', but his concern is that the first sample was leaked when he was infected with the virus.

He added: 'He is fine and healthy. I spoke to him several times and his spirits were high. We talked about basketball and what it does. He was worried about the leak as a result of the detection.'

Eleven players in the tournament were infected with the Coronavirus, including Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics.

Two days ago, Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns posted a video on his Instagram account explaining the severity of the virus after his mother went into an artificial coma after contracting the disease.

He said: 'I think everyone should understand how dangerous it is all over the world. A few days ago I learned that my mother was infected after her symptoms and took several drugs because she didn't think she had the virus.'

Before announcing his HIV status, Gobert mocked talk about the epidemic and deliberately touched all the reporters at the table during a press conference after the loss to the Toronto Raptors on March 9.

Two days after that incident, Jazz announced the french player's injury moments before the Oklahoma City Thunder clash, which led to the cancellation of the game and the suspension of the tournament, while the Jazz player was criticized for his injury.

Gobert donated more than $500,000 to part-time workers at his club's stadium and social services providers against coronavirus in Utah, Oklahoma City and the French Ministry of Health system.
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