Sexual assault leads film producer Harvey Weinstein to jail

Sexual assault leads film producer Harvey Weinstein to jail

A jury in manhattan district court in New York City on Monday convicted the famous American producer Harvey Weinstein of two of the five counts against him in connection with the sexual assault and rape case, but he was acquitted of the main charge of 'sexual battery' and faces possible sentencing. A jury of seven men and five women convicted the former high-end producer of criminal sexual acts and rape.

Weinstein's chief defense attorney, Donna Rotona, immediately confirmed that her client would appeal the decision.

A Manhattan judge ordered Weinstein's arrest until the march 11 sentencing deadline, and Judge James Burke rejected the defense's request to leave the former producer on bail on health grounds.

Weinstein came to the trial with a walking device due to backaches and underwent surgery to treat it.

The decision was a partial victory for the "Me2" movement, which has caused the barrage of allegations against Weinstein, the Oscar-winning producer.

Manhattan Prosecutor Cyrus Vance was quoted by France 24 as saying that the women who testified against Harvey Weinstein 'changed the course of history' in prosecuting sex offenders, stressing that 'rape remains rape. It is rape even if there is no sensory evidence and even if it is long gone.'

Six women have testified since January 22, and they confirmed that Weinstein sexually assaulted them. He has consistently maintained that these relationships were consensual, not coerced, and Weinstein was also charged with sexual harassment, a serious sexual offense involving assaulting more than one person and the main charge against him.

Attention is now focused on Los Angeles, where the former producer will be tried for other sexual offenses.

However, he was not convicted of 'sexual harassment' which would have led to a tightening of his sentence and would have faced the possibility of a life sentence.

The New York jury found Weinstein guilty of sexual misconduct that sparked the global campaign against harassment, which encourages more women to file complaints of sexual assault and will change the way they are prosecuted for these crimes, the Guardian reports. This conviction will have far-reaching implications for gender relations in the workplace, both in Hollywood and abroad.

Weinstein faces five counts of rape and assault, and a guilty verdict by a jury of seven men and five women took five days to reach her verdict.

Harvey Weinstein is one of Hollywood's most influential figures, making this case one of the most famous cases in u.S. courts over the past years, and Weinstein faces the possibility of 25 years in prison, but he has not been convicted of 'sexual harassment' that would have led to a tightening of He was sentenced and would have faced with her the possibility of a life sentence.

Mimi Haley, one of the lead plaintiffs on the scandal-a-discounted Hollywood tycoon, Harvey Weinstein, during his trial, on January 28, said the former producer practiced forced oral care with her in a children's bedroom at his New York home, and seemed to me, a former production assistant, Crying when she told a Manhattan court that Weinstein, 67, sexually assaulted her in July 2006 while she was in menstruation.

Sexual assault leads film producer Harvey Weinstein to jail
Police, lawyers and the media gather outside the New York County Criminal Court following the conviction of producer Harvey Weinstein

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