New York Times: China worsens CORONA virus

New York Times: China worsens CORONA virus

Coronavirus, which spread terror globally, caused the spread of terror globally, after the large spread of the virus and its transformation into an epidemic in a short time, and caused a large number of deaths, and a rapid increase in the number of infections in several countries around the world, as the preparations of different countries to resist the large spread of the epidemic and protect citizens are increasing.

In light of the prevailing state of terror, the New York Times revealed new details about the spread of the mysterious virus, confirming that the Chinese government learned of the emergence of the virus last December, but preferred to obfuscate the issue, instead of confronting the mysterious virus, for fear of being exposed to political embarrassment according to For the newspaper, I even went so far as to force the doctor who noticed and discovered the virus to remain silent.

The New York Times accused the Chinese authorities of endangering the lives of citizens, saying in a report published Sunday that china's secrecy over the virus has delayed the confrontation before it begins to publicly confront the virus and its rapid spread.

The newspaper confirmed in its report, that Li Win Liang, a Chinese doctor, wrote in an online chat group, December 30, to warn his fellow doctors of the spread of the virus, saying: 'A mysterious disease that has afflicted 7 in a hospital in quarantine in the emergency department', which led some to question the return of SARS or not, especially if not The fact of the 'Coronavirus' has not yet been discovered.

The New York Times revealed that health officials in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the 'home of the virus' and the epicenter of its spread, summoned the doctor and forced him to admit to denying what he had said, and acknowledging that his statement about the mysterious virus was illegal.

The Chinese authorities' handling of the virus allowed it to spread widely, especially with the choice of confidentiality rather than a public response to the growing disease crisis, the paper said, noting that it took about 7 weeks between the first symptoms of the virus in early December and the government's decision to close the city.

The New York Times denounced what it described as a Chinese government blackout, saying that in the weeks leading up to the closure of Wuhan city, the authorities silenced doctors and underestimated the risks, endangered 11 million residents of Wuhan city, did not warn them of the dangers and did not give them a chance to protect themselves, as They closed the fish market from which they believed the virus had begun and did not declare the real reason for the closure, but the closure was for renovations.
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