China builds 4 hospitals in 10 days

China builds 4 hospitals in 10 days

China has been in the process of building new medical facilities, seeking to contain the new Coronavirus, which has caused global panic and killed more than 130 people in China so far.

Video footage released by Chinese media shows the 'extraordinary' work of engineers and workers to build a new hospital in the central city of Wuhan, where the virus has begun to spread.

China's People's Daily reported that the new hospital, dubbed 'Wuhan Lichanhan', will require only one week to build, and footage by a marching aircraft monitors the 'crazy' pace of work to finish the building on time.

Beijing's central government has sent more than 6,000 medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, and staff, to control the disease, which as of Wednesday had killed 132 of the nearly 6,000 confirmed cases.

The authorities decided to set up at least four medical centers within 10 days in Wuhan's Khubi province.

Wuhan Leshnshaan Hospital occupies an area of 60,000 square meters and will employ about 2,000 employees, one of the hospital's construction officials told Xinhua.

The hospital will have a capacity of 1,300 beds, but local authorities in Wuhan plan to add another 300 after the infection has accelerated over the past few days.

On Wednesday, Health Authorities in China reported 26 new deaths from the new virus since Tuesday, bringing the death toll to 132 and 5,974 confirmed cases in the country.

This figure exceeded the number of cases in the spread of sars virus (acute respiratory syndrome), which affected 5,327 people in 2002 and 2003, and resulted in 774 deaths worldwide, including 349 in China. Coronavirus infections have been concentrated in China, but infections have also been recorded in 15 other countries.
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